MATTERS OF MATTER is an ongoing series of pieces, composed and released periodically. The pieces are written to explore, exhibit or sonify the emergent natural behaviours of various physical materials (and/or/as instruments made from those materials). New scores will be composed and posted below as they occur.

An integral part of many of the pieces is that the materials-cum-instruments are found and built by the performer. Many of the setups have wildly different sonic properties dependent on minuscule nuances in the making of their material setup. Put simply, any one setup will be unique, both physically and sonically. From a conceptual standpoint, I simply don't want to give (and by doing so prescribe) a particular sonic outcome by through providing the setups as made by me.

Components of the series may be performed privately (with the performer as audience), as independent pieces, or as sets (selected from the whole) - which itself could include superimposition of pieces.

[For more indroductory information, see this blog post from 08.01.18]