New CD release

It's so exciting to announce that a new CD featuring my music has been released today on the HCR Label and distributed by NMC Recordings. Shrouded Mirrors - a disc by renowned Chilean guitarist Diego Castro Magaš, the disc features a stunning recording of my 2011 piece bet maryam, alongside work by James Dillon, Michael Finnissy, Brian Ferneyhough, Bryn Harrison and Wieland Hoban. Buy yours here.

Many guitarists how not tackled bet maryam, and the extreme nature of certain passages of the piece have led to variety of different performances. Diego performed the piece at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in 2014 and it really changed the standard to which I cannot help but compare other performances in my brain. His work has been rigorous and relentless and I cannot thank him enough. The recording was made in St. Paul's Hall, Huddersfield, in August and superbly produced by recording engineer Cato Langnes, of NoTAM.

You can watch Diego's 2014 live performance of the piece below: