New Music North West 2016: Done

After nearly ten exhausting but rewarding days, the 2016 New Music North West Festival in Manchester is now over. Some absolutely fascinating work on display here and  - it really felt there the sincerest attempt yet was made to engage with the extremely diverse array of new music that is being made in this part of the country at the moment. Great to see many friends in such close a time. Huge thanks so all who made it possible.

Emma Lloyd prepares for [kiss] in the RNCM Studio Theatre [24.01.16]

Last Sunday (24th) I was lucky enough to have my four-hour violin piece (or performance installation, I still can't quite work out what it is...) [kiss] performed as part of the festival, resurrected once again by the absolutely unstoppably wonderful Emma Lloyd. She was amazing, as always. If anybody missed it, Emma is doing it all over again on 25 February in Edinburgh - details here.

 That was a very cool day - and a pleasure to be programmed alongside my good friend ian vine (in characteristic lowercase) and his 'twenty-seven trios' audio/video installation, which was incredibly beautiful.

I was really thrilled to receive so many kind words about my piece after the show - and obviously most of those need to be immediately passed straight on to Emma, who consistently executes my crazy ideas so beautifully. 

Now I need some sleep. I'm getting too old for so many late night concerts ;-)