[25.03.14] 'Gleaming' and 'Highly-wrought'

As some of you will already know, last week the ever-illustrious ELISION Ensemble performed by piece ymrehanne krestos (2011-13) as part of the Sydney International Festival in Australia. I thought it might interest some of you to see/hear some of the fallout from my little interhemispheric offering.

The concert was recorded and broadcast by ABC Classic FM (Australia’s Radio 3) and can currently be listened to online by following this link. It’s an amazing programme of music, featuring works by Liza LimRichard BarrettTimothy McCormack and Aaron Cassidy (alongside myself).

[n.B.: There is a slight error the ABC website, listing me as the composer of both ymrehanne and codex xii. Whilst I am flattered by the confusion, I should add that codex xii is actually written by the mighty Richard Barrett.]

The critics reacted favourably to the programme as well (although it’s difficult to appreciate how else they might respond to playing of this calibre!), online reviews from the Sydney Morning Herald and Limelight Magazine are available here and here, of which “gleaming” and “highly-wrought” are my favourite adjectives applied to my own music ;-)