New audio online

I've added a recent live recording of my saxophone/percussion duo betê gabriel-rufael to my soundcloud page, stunningly played by Parisian group Scapegoat (Joshua Hyde and Noam Bierstone) in the USA.

I'm in the process of editing together a video of a talk I gave on the piece at the Royal Northern College of Music in March, so I'm not going to talk to much about the piece here. Suffice to say, it's part of a recent string of additions to the Churches of Lalibela series that I've been working on that all provide the additional entanglement of my thinkings regarding notions of 'place' into my work - place as a kind of embodied space. The piece draws the players together into a co-occupied place both timbrally and temporally (by forcing both players to follow independant computer-controlled click tracks that force the players into a permanent state of rall/accel. according to certain behavioural parameters).

Massive thanks to Josh and Noam with whom it has been a massive pleasure to work.