New Video Online

Guitarist Diego Castro Magas has put up a video his performance of my 2011 solo guitar piece bet maryam from last year’s //hcmf. It’s an unbelievably committed performance with stunning results - and so very different from other performances of the same piece I’ve posted up on here. I am so extremely grateful to him and I’ve been waiting to be able to share this with you for a while now - so enjoy!

It’s a really exciting time for this piece and for my work with Diego. Diego is recording a new disc for the HCR label, on which bet maryam is being included, which is particularly exciting given the performance above! In addition, Diego has recently commissioned a new piece from me, for premiere early 2016. some provisional workshops have taken place. Under the working title [colony], the piece is focussing on various tapping techniques, with the guitar positioned flat on a tabletop during performance.

It’s really is an honour to be working with Diego in particular on these various projects. Diego brings opinions, ideas and questions into our new collaborative work - he is very much an ideal artistic partner.

More updates on these various projects anon.