[27.08.13] New writings online

Apologies for the Tuesday posting, Monday was a bank holiday here in the UK.

A conference paper I wrote for the 4th Annual Conference of Visual and Performing Arts, held by the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), has just been published online. The paper introduces various conceptual aspects of my PhD research with specific regard to an approach to instrumental writing that I have come to refer to in my work as recoupling. There’s quite a lot of detail within the paper, so I won’t get into any specifics in this post, suffice to say, if you’re interested, you can maybe give it a read.

You can access the paper here:

Sergeant, M. (2013) “Introducing ‘Re-coupling’: The Compositional Appropriation of Instrumental Physicality to disrupt Pattern-based Musical Materials” Athens: ATINER’S Conference Paper Series, No: ART2013-0451. 

The paper addresses two of my recent compositions for the purposes of its discussion, bet merkorios (2012, for solo ‘cello) - written for phenomenal young British 'cellist Thomas Bayman - and ymrehanne krestos (2012-13, for brass and percussion) - written for the hypervirtuosic Australian ELISION Ensemble. Both of these pieces have score and audio materials here on this site, just click List of Compositions, above.


PS. It must be said that the somewhat archaic formatting style was chosen and instigated by the conference organisers and (especially regarding their decision to position all the example figures at the end of the text) is not entirely to my taste. I hope it doesn’t create too frustrating a reading experience for you!