[29.08.13] New online video

I’m delighted to announce a new collaborative project I’m involved in, working with Daryl Buckley, guitarist and artistic director of ELISION. I’m going to be working with Daryl to create a new piece for electric lap-steel guitar, which I’m really excited about; it’s my first time working with the instrument.

To announce this partnership, Daryl has produced this video, where we talk about some of the terminologies that currently underpin my creative work (and, indeed, my PhD thesis) - ideas of erosion and encrustation - words that I’ve come to employ when describing aspects of my creative practice. I thought it might be of interest.

There’s another video (filmed at the same time) in the pipeline where we move to apply these ideas to the instrument concerned (the lap-steel guitar). I’ll pop that on here just as soon as I can.

Hope everyone’s well,